What have I written? Yes, books and articles. But mostly? Essays and more essays for dozens of publications including “The Sunday New York Times,” “Toronto Star,” “Denver Post,” “Elle,” “Sunday Hartford Courant Magazine,” “Neue Zuercher Zeitung” (Switzerland), “Merkur Literary Journal” (Germany). 

The gripping aspect of essay writing is that it opens new doors, leads to heart explorative interpretations and to the big question – who are you writing for – yourself,  or for people with the same ethnic background,  or only for people you hope will understand?

I always search for the curious readers, for those who want to drift to new places, to unfamiliar heritages, and quizzing angles.  

My life has been full of challenges (but then whose hasn’t) which has influenced my writing.

I hope you will visit this site often. I plan to add essays from time to time. Many will be retrospective about places and unusual situations giving birth to creative lines of thinking. In what are you interest – essays with humor, essays about art, meaningful memories or life has its challenges?